3 Simple Steps to Prepare for your Performance Appraisal

We often hear from Managers how frustrating it is when employees come ill-prepared for the performance appraisal conversation.  While it is essential that Managers prepare well for the conversations (click here for tips on how Managers can prepare their employees for the performance appraisal), it is also the responsibility of the employee/s to put the time and effort into making the performance conversation a positive experience.

iStock Performance Review Prepare 3 Simple Steps to Prepare for your Performance Appraisal


Here are 3 simple tips on how you can prepare for your performance appraisal

  1. Make a list of all your achievements throughout the year and how the department and organisation has benefited.   Note any training or development activities completed, challenges you’ve encountered and how you managed them.  Be prepared to talk about the whole review period, not the past couple of months.
  2. Prepare a list of areas of development.  Only you understand your job the best so be ready to talk about how you want to expand your skills and expertise. Link your development needs to your career plan.  Think outside the square by looking at the variety of ways your can develop your skills. Include things like working on special projects, a secondment to another department, job shadowing, attending short courses, etc.
  3. Prepare yourself for some constructive feedback.  Even if you are a top performer, there is always room for improvement.  What are your areas for development and what is likely to come out in the conversation and how will you address them?  If you receive critical feedback avoid becoming defensive as it is likely to make you look unprofessional.  Listen and ask for clarity on any points in the discussion you don’t agree with.  Ask for suggestions from your Manager on how you can improve and be prepared to act on it.

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