Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile assesses 60 different strengths according to the three criteria of energy, performance, and use.

Benefits for individuals and teams:

  • Gives unique insights into their strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps them distinguish their strengths from learned behaviours
  • Provides a language that helps them share their strengths in performance discussions
  • Builds their capability to use strengths to achieve their career goals
  • Strengths are identified in 5 key areas:
    • Being: Our desire to make a difference in the world
    • Communicating: How we give and receive information
    • Motivating: The things that drive us to action
    • Relating to others
    • Thinking: What we pay attention to and how we
      approach situations


  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Team Development
  • Coaching
  • Appraisals and performance management
  • Talent Development
  • Career planning and development
  • To raise self-awareness

Click here for a sample Strengths Profile report.


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