Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is at the core of great leadership and makes the difference between average and outstanding leaders. Employees engage with leaders who listen, are approachable, involve them in decision making, and motivate and engage them by deploying their strengths.

These behaviours result from a high level of emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to identify, understand, use and manage their emotions to positively influence the behaviours of others.

This program provides an in-depth understanding of the competencies of an emotionally intelligent leader, as well as practice in how to apply the tools to leverage and strengthen these competencies.

Course Outline:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its impact on leadership
  • How does Emotional Intelligent leadership impact on staff engagement
  • Assess your own level of EI using the EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Assessment
  • How to apply the five facets of EI (self-perception, self-expression, relationship management, decision making and stress management) to your role as a leader
  • Tools and techniques to increase your EI competence
  • Identify six leadership styles and the impact on your effectiveness as a leader
  • Aligning the different facets of EI to each leadership style
  • Review and analyse examples of emotionally intelligent leadership
  • How to develop and increase the emotional intelligence of your team
  • Consolidate EQ-I assessment into a practical development plan

Who would benefit from this training:

  • Senior managers and leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills and create a positive workplace culture

This training course is run In-House for clients at your preferred venue.  It can be delivered as a lunch and learn series, as halffull or multiple day modules, or can be combined, extended and altered to include your specific learning and time requirements.

Our emotional intelligence training courses also include:


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