Centre for Career Development Lunch and Learn Series aims to inform and engage staff at all levels within an organisation.

These short learning modules are run IN-HOUSE for clients at your preferred venue and provide the opportunity to deliver a cost effective solution in an informal setting with each session up to 90 minutes in duration.

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Topics available:

Management and Leadership

  • Use emotional intelligence to improve your performance as a manager and leader
  • Create a positive workplace culture
  • Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias (New)
  • You Can’t Be a Great Leader and Manager Without Building Trust (New)
  • Building Self-confidence in Employees (New)
  • Giving effective performance feedback
  • The high performance team
  • Conversations that engage employees
  • Lead and manage your team through organisational change and transition
  • What good managers do differently
  • Delegate effectively
  • Ted Talks (New)

Individual Performance

  • Mindfulness at Work (New)
  • Take Charge of Your Career (New)
  • How to Receive Feedback (New)
  • Deal with challenging people and situations
  • Enhance your personal brand
  • Resilience and well-being in the workplace
  • Boost your networking and relationship skills
  • Positive assertiveness techniques
  • Coping with change in the workplace
  • Exercising influence
  • Tips and techniques for great presentations

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Strengthens staff learning and development
  • Creates a learning organisation
  • Complements learning and development programs
  • Increases employee motivation and morale
  • Improve networks and communication across the organisation


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