CFCD works with teams at all levels within an organisation providing a creative approach to delivering programs and processes to enhance understanding and communication between team members.

Whether it’s a new team or an established intact team, we can tailor a program to meet your needs which can include training, team assessment and group/team facilitation.

Delivered IN-HOUSE for clients at your preferred venue, our team development training courses include:

These team development training courses can be delivered as half day or full day modules, or can be combined, extended and altered to include your specific learning and time requirements.

Team Assessment

Through individual interviews or structured focus group sessions with team members we are able to determine what issues that are preventing a team from working effectively together. We can then identify areas for improvement and tailor the right solutions to strengthen the capability of the team/s.

Group/Team Facilitation

Our group/team facilitation process is designed to assist teams to:

  • Identify the goals and aspirations of the team
  • Clarify the roles, responsibilities and expectations of team members
  • Clarify team mission, vision, values, behaviours and team norms
  • Better handle conflict within the team
  • Identify their strengths and weakness
  • Review how they can better utilise their strengths to get results
  • Identify barriers that are preventing team cohesion
  • Improve accountability of the team
  • Commit to decisions and action plans

Benefits include:

  • higher levels of team alignment
  • open communication
  • more rapid decision making
  • more efficient processes
  • safer environment for people to speak up in
  • more enjoyment within the team
  • clearer boundaries and mutual respect
  • greater levels of responsibility and accountability


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