Steps for Career Resilience

Employment is no longer a given – something that you achieve once and then forget about. Instead you need to consciously manage your career and build your skills throughout your working life in order to remain employable.

This means staying in touch with changes in your workplace and work sector, identifying what you need to learn to keep your skills in demand, taking responsibility for your own personal and career development, and taking whatever action is needed.

Here are some steps to you can take to have career resilience:

iStock Career Resilience Steps for Career Resilience

Be self-aware: Know your strengths and weaknesses and create a personal development plan to harness your strengths and manage around your weakness. Learn to take feedback and focus on what you can improve.

Identify, create, explore and seize opportunities: Don’t always wait for the opportunities to come to you. Talk to people as it is often in casual conversation that you hear about opportunities.

Get connected: Develop and nurture positive relationships by attending events, joining groups and gladly help others.

Become a lifelong learner: The most resilient individuals are often engaged in learning new skills so they are prepared for new opportunities. This ongoing learning attitude creates an optimum mindset to adapt and thrive in new roles and challenges.

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