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Sep 2013

Managing Your Former Peers

Getting promoted within your work group can be a huge challenge especially if some of your former peers believe that they are entitled to the job. Common reactions can include: Overt anger where they are openly hostile towards you Undermining you in meetings Refusing to do what you ask of them Not letting you know […]

Apr 2013

Conducting Difficult Workplace Conversations

No matter what your role is in your organisation, at some stage you are likely to be in a position to have a difficult conversation with a manager, peer, client, customer or colleague. Recently I asked a client who is struggling with a poorly performing member of his staff, why he hadn’t spoken to the […]

Feb 2013

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

4 Strategies for dealing with a difficult boss Difficult bosses can be found in most organisations. Maybe you work for a boss who is intimidating or a micromanager. Someone who provides little to no recognition for your hard work, or worse, takes credit for everything. Perhaps they are indecisive or give you too many tasks […]