Leadership Effectiveness Analysis

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis ™ (LEA) identifies leadership skills and behaviours by measuring 22 behavioural leadership practices grouped under 6 core functions:

  • Creating A Vision
  • Developing Followership
  • Implementing the Vision
  • Following Through
  • Achieving Results
  • Team Playing

LEA 360 Features:

  • Combines objective, persuasive insights into leadership practices with an action planning process that holds an individual accountable for his or her own progress.
  • Provides descriptive – rather than prescriptive – feedback, allowing leaders to grow and learn how they can both capitalise on their strengths and most effectively develop to their highest potential
  • Gives leaders confidential feedback from their boss, peers, and direct reports (or sub-sets within those categories)
  • Promotes a common vocabulary, enabling clearer communication between the senior team and leaders at every level
  • Links individual feedback to an organisation’s strategic plan
  • Is action oriented with specialised reports for development and coaching

Click here for a sample Leadership Effectiveness Analysis ™ (LEA) report.


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