Management and Leadership Resources Weekly Round-up

We often get asked about good management and leadership resources that can help individuals be more effective in their role as leader and manager.

Every week, we will provide a list of resources that highlight best practice in leadership; management; career development; mindfulness in the workplace; change managementworkplace communication and performance management, that have caught our attention and which we believe you’ll find useful and sometimes inspirational.

Management and Leadership Resources Management and Leadership Resources Weekly Round up

  • The Power of Believing You Can Improve (via @TedTalks)
  • Opening the Johari Window (via @MIssues)
  • Act Like a Leader Before You Are One (via @HBR)
  • The Secrets to Getting More Done? Strategic Slacking Off (via @FastCompany)


If you found these articles useful, we recommend the following services which may be of interest to you: