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Apr 2014

3 Simple Steps to Prepare for your Performance Appraisal

We often hear from Managers how frustrating it is when employees come ill-prepared for the performance appraisal conversation.  While it is essential that Managers prepare well for the conversations (click here for tips on how Managers can prepare their employees for the performance appraisal), it is also the responsibility of the employee/s to put the time and […]

Apr 2014

How to Prepare your Employees for the Performance Appraisal

How you engage upfront with your employees prior to the performance appraisal can determine how well the conversation will flow. We have seen in our work when preparing managers on how to conduct an effective performance appraisal that the managers who take the performance review process seriously and engage early with their staff have more […]

Apr 2014

Preparation the Key to Open and Honest Performance Appraisals

Because many managers see performance appraisals as boring, and tick-the-box, or a tedious organisational exercise, they spend little to no time preparing for appraisal discussions. Solid preparation for the performance appraisal discussion is likely to result in greater cooperation from your staff, more open and honest communication and a greater willingness to problem-solve. We have […]