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Apr 2014

How to Prepare your Employees for the Performance Appraisal

How you engage upfront with your employees prior to the performance appraisal can determine how well the conversation will flow. We have seen in our work when preparing managers on how to conduct an effective performance appraisal that the managers who take the performance review process seriously and engage early with their staff have more […]

Apr 2014

Preparation the Key to Open and Honest Performance Appraisals

Because many managers see performance appraisals as boring, and tick-the-box, or a tedious organisational exercise, they spend little to no time preparing for appraisal discussions. Solid preparation for the performance appraisal discussion is likely to result in greater cooperation from your staff, more open and honest communication and a greater willingness to problem-solve. We have […]

Aug 2013

6 Ways To Inspire Trust

Ask most people what they love or loath about their boss, they will tell you that there is either a great deal of trust with that person or no trust at all.  Building trust is the foundation of building high performing teams. Pat Lencioni in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team states that […]

Jul 2013

Emotional Intelligence and Social Awareness

How many of you work with a colleague who without you saying much approach you and ask you if you are OK?  They have watched you the past couple of days and have seen that you are not your usual upbeat self.  Or, your manager backs off from asking you to stay late at work […]

Jul 2013

Raising your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions in a positive way.  When it comes to well-being and success in the workplace Emotional Intelligence helps us to to stay calm under pressure and understand how our behaviour positively and negatively impacts others. It also helps us anticipate the needs of […]

Jun 2013

Questions to Better Engage Your Team

Employee engagement works when there is a strong commitment of both an individual and team to improve their workplace according to the latest article in the Gallup Business Journal. In the article Stosh Walsh states that both managers and employees need to be involved in the action planning process.  From our experience it is often managers […]