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Mar 2013

Giving Feedback

The Best Strategy to Engage Your Team In a recent focus group, I asked the employees what type of manager feedback engages and motivates them.  Interestingly, their ideas were not time consuming, expensive or too challenging, often the excuses you hear when you ask a manager how often they give positive and meaningful feedback to […]

Mar 2013

Steps for Career Resilience

Employment is no longer a given – something that you achieve once and then forget about. Instead you need to consciously manage your career and build your skills throughout your working life in order to remain employable. This means staying in touch with changes in your workplace and work sector, identifying what you need to […]

Mar 2013

Managing Older Employees

While managing people can be rewarding, it can also be challenging especially if you are managing staff that are older than you. Friction can result between a manager and older workers who are miffed because they think they should have your job. Others may equate youth with inexperience while some may resent taking direction from […]