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Oct 2016

19 Conversation Tips for Growing Your Team

Great leaders and managers use Growth minded language to guide and motivate their staff.  CFCD’s blog ‘Leading with a Growth Mindset for Business Impact’ explored the differences between a Growth and a Fixed Mindset and the associated benefits and business impact. In this follow up post, here are some tips on growth language you can use […]

Oct 2016

Leading With a Growth Mindset for Business Impact

At CFCD we are passionate about high performing teams and believe leader’s adopting a ‘Growth Mindset’ can gain a competitive advantage. Popularised by Carol Dweck, the Lewis & Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University a Growth Mindset is focused on learning versus a Fixed Mindset which concentrates on looking good. Put simply, a […]

Oct 2016

Management Resources Weekly Round-up – 3 October 2016 – Difficult People

Enjoy this week’s update of interesting and thought-provoking management resources on dealing with difficult people in the workplace.     How to Deal with Difficult People at Work (via @TheBalance) Dealing With an Unpleasant CoWorker (via @HuffPost) How to Deal with Difficult People at Work (via @WorkplaceInfo)   If you found these articles useful, we recommend the following […]