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May 2013

Handling Tears in the Workplace

Time Magazine published an interesting article about the benefits of crying at work.  This article got our attention as one of the questions we often get asked in our Difficult Conversations programs is “how do you handle it when an employee cries?” Research conducted by Anne Kreamer for her 2011 book called It’s Always Personal: Navigating Emotion in […]

Apr 2013

Conducting Difficult Workplace Conversations

No matter what your role is in your organisation, at some stage you are likely to be in a position to have a difficult conversation with a manager, peer, client, customer or colleague. Recently I asked a client who is struggling with a poorly performing member of his staff, why he hadn’t spoken to the […]

Mar 2013

Giving Feedback

The Best Strategy to Engage Your Team In a recent focus group, I asked the employees what type of manager feedback engages and motivates them.  Interestingly, their ideas were not time consuming, expensive or too challenging, often the excuses you hear when you ask a manager how often they give positive and meaningful feedback to […]