Changing Career – Start With Purpose

Start with Purpose Changing Career – Start With Purpose

Here at CFCD, we thrive on helping people change career when it’s right for them. Through our deep experience in this area we have found starting with purpose helps make the change right and meaningful.

A great example of this is documented in HBR post From Accountant to Yogi: Making a Radical Career Change’ exploring Leah Zaccaria’s career transition. One of her lessons learnt is ‘Nourish your roots – stay connected to your purpose.’:

“Quit being the person people think you’re supposed to be. Find a way to dig deep into your courageous self to be who you are. Whatever that means as far as exploring your emotions, your identity, your profession, find one version of you that you are always and everywhere.”

So how do you know if a change in career is right for you?

We recommend starting with purpose. Think, ‘why’ do you do what you do and is there something with a bigger, more purposeful ‘why’ calling you?

Simon Sinek, who popularised Start with Why is a useful reference when exploring this topic. He has developed the “Golden Circle,” which has three layers to explore:

  • Why = The Purpose – What is your course? What do you believe?
  • How = The Process – Specific actions taken to realise the why
  • What = The Result – What do you do? The results of Why. Proof.

According to Simon Sinek, the fundamental difference between the “Apples” of the world and everyone else is that they start with “why.”

Why is it important to find your WHY?

  • It allows you to share your talents and gifts
  • You are more likely to make an impact on others
  • It increases your quality of life

Some further recommended reading in this area:

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Future Proof Changing Career – Start With Purpose

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