Developing High Performing Teams

High performance teams exhibit accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration and, more often than not, produce first-rate results. They are led by skilled managers and leaders who know how to motivate, inspire, and guide their people to success.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to understanding the competencies of high team performance, foster trust and teamwork, identify the individual strengths in their team and how to deploy them effectively and how to empower their team to make better decisions.

Course Outline:

The High Performing Team

  • Characteristics and competencies of a high performing team
  • Understand the stages of team development
  • How to assess the current and desired state of a team’s performance
  • Define and clarify roles within teams
  • External versus internal factors affecting team performance

Building the High Performing Team

  • Set team goals and measure success – define and prioritise results to achieve as a team
  • Capitalise on each team member’s individual skills and strengths using the Strengths Profile assessment
  • Strategies to build and maintain trust within a team
  • Accountability between team members – what does that look and feel like?
  • Holding team members accountable for performance and behaviour
  • Team commitment and the rules of engagement around timelines, meetings, responsiveness in communication, and general interpersonal behaviour

Team Communication

  • Techniques for effective communication and balanced participation
  • Understand the causes of team conflict
  • Managing conflict within a team
  • How to manage non-performers
  • Motivate team to take on bigger challenges and more responsibility as it matures

Review and action plan

  • Set targets for ongoing team development

Who would benefit from this training:

  • Leaders, managers and supervisors who want to build a high performing team culture

This training course is run In-House for clients at your preferred venue. It can be delivered as a half day or full day module, or can be combined, extended and altered to include your specific learning and time requirements.

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