Prepare for Leadership: Inspire, Influence, and Achieve Results

An effective leader has a clear vision of what needs to be done, inspires action in others, and fosters the potential within their team. This interactive training course provides a foundation for participants to learn the essentials of inspiring leadership, focusing on self-awareness, employee and team growth and development, influencing skills, and how to motivate the best performance from staff.

Course Outline:

  • Define the attitude and aptitude of an effective leader
  • Develop an authentic leadership style based on your unique strengths, abilities, and values
  • Understand how leadership styles affect team members and how to adjust your style to inspire others to willingly and enthusiastically follow your lead
  • Establish a climate of greater collaboration, trust, and honesty within your team
  • How to effectively use the leadership skills of decision making, coaching, delegation, and motivation
  • Set and monitor expectations for your team
  • How to conduct an engagement conversation with your employees
  • Empower your team to take on more responsibility
  • Create your personalised leadership plan

This leadership training can include these assessment tools:

Who would benefit from this training:

Prerequisite: Solid experience in basic management skills

  • Managers recently promoted to a leadership role
  • Upper and mid-level managers responsible for managing others’ performance that want to develop leadership skills
  • Anyone who wants to become a leader or be more effective at leading others

This training course is run In-House for clients at your preferred venue.  It can be delivered as half, full or multiple day modules, or can be combined, extended and altered to include your specific learning and time requirements.

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